About Islas Design Inc.

The Company specializes in all kinds of carved design presentations and expressions with different types of glass as media. Allied with these expertise and capabilities are an array of auxiliary and complimentary services such as:

Artwork Composition, Design, and Drawing

The glass etched work is only as beautiful as its design. That is why the choice of the art design is very important because it reflects the client's artistic tastes and preferences. It is in this area where our Sales personnel are very proficient and concerned in helping prospective clients come up with the most suitable and eye-catching designs.

Its service usually starts with a presentation to the prospective client of designs from its catalogue collections to help them choose the ones most suitable to their liking. If the client is unable to choose a particular art design, then our artists/designers will come up with their own creative concept for his/her approval. Alternatively, if a client has his own original, yet vague and general design ideas or sketch, our artists/designers will interpret, execute, draw, customize, and if possible, even improve on them.

Only when the client has chosen and approved a particular art design in full size drawing will our Production Crew begin the actual glass etchings and carvings on them.

Framing, Shaping, Grooving, Edge-Polishing, and Beveling

At the request of the client, we also provide framing, shaping, grooving, edge-polishing, and beveling services to strike a smooth and elegant finish to the sculptured glass works.

Packing, Crating, Delivery, and Installation

Safe packing and crating, on-time delivery, and trouble-free installation of finished products are standard services provided by the Company.

Glass Supply

In most cases, we provide purely etching works, although sometimes we also supply the mirrors and the glasses if the clients are not in a position or are not inclined to do so.